Using FlexiShow for my online photos

Wednesday, 25 February 2009 06:37 by Tamir

So, I was looking for an easy way to show my online photos. I wanted a “slideshow” like app that can dynamically load pictures from a text or xml file so I wouldn’t need to work too hard every time I have some new pics to upload.

Google immediately showed me SlideShowPro, which is an impressive piece of Flash based software for managing online galleries. However I was no keen to use commercial product for this simple task.

The second result I found was Vertigo’s Slide.Show, a Silverlight based application. This seemed to be a very cool open source project, supporting many features. However, I was not so thrilled to go with a Silverlight application, as it’s not yet as popular as Flash, and I didn’t want to ask my site’s visitors to install a third party application just for the sake of viewing my online photos. And besides, I needed a solution that would be as portable across browsers / OS’s as possible.

However, Vertigo’s Slide.Show app inspired me to try and write my own Flash based clone of it.

And so, inspired by Slide.Show the result is FlexiShow Wink, my first Flex application written in Actionscript 3.

It’s still not finished yet, there's more to be done (need to make it more configurable, and do some memory and pefromance tweaks), but here’s a preview of how it looks like (sourc code can be viewed and downloaded from here): 

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