SharpPcap is a packet capture framework for the .NET environment, based on the famous WinPcap component. The purpose of this library is to provide an API for capturing, injecting, analyzing and building packets using any .NET language such as C# and VB.NET.

The following list illustrates the features currently supported by SharpPcap:

  • Enumerating and showing details about physical network interface on a Windows machine.
  • Capturing low-level network packets going through a given interface.
  • Analyzing and parsing the following protocols: Ethernet, ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP.
  • Injecting low-level network packets on a given interface.
  • Handling (reading and writing) offline packet capture files.
  • Injecting packets using Send Queues.
  • Collecting network statistics on a given network interface.

Please see the SharpPcap Tutorial for details on how to use it in your own application.

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1 Jan 2009

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You can download SharpPcap source (with code examples) and binaries:

  • All the latest SharpPcap binaries, source code and examples can be downloaded from the project page at


References and Acknowledgements

  • WinPcap - The Packet Capture library for Windows.
  • tcpdump - Home of libpcap - the original packet capture library for UNIX based systems.
  • JPcap - A java API for using libpcap and winpcap. The packet analyzer classes in my library were translated to C# from this Java project.

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